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800M $ZEEL

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700.000.000 $BTRX

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What are Instant Cryptocurrency Airdrops?

Instant airdrops are distributions of cryptocurrencies that can be received within 1-5 minutes to a wallet using simple, consistent actions without a long wait or the need to be included in the distribution whitelist.

As a rule, such distributions occur even before the cryptocurrency is released for trading. This type of airdrop is highly risky, since for receiving tokens, you will have to pay transaction fees on the network in which the cryptocurrency is issued. At the same time, this type of airdrop is also the most popular, due to the 100% receipt of tokens on your wallet. (if all points are done correctly)

Often these airdrops take place on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network, and you can receive instant airdrops to popular Trust wallet and Metamask wallets, as well as others that support this network, such as DOK or C98 wallets.

Almost daily we add new lists of carefully selected daily, new instant airdrops. You can notice them by updating on the main page of the website or in the instant airdrop section, by following simple steps you can claim a new instant airdrop.