Aptos $APT token Airdrop

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Aptos $APT is a new token on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) blockchain. The project carries out an airdrop of tokens using the instant claim system. To receive a token to a wallet, you will need to pay a blockchain commission per transaction, this is done to protect against bots.

How to claim 50 $APT instant airdrop?
  • Open TrustWallet, then DApps. Or Metamask browser/extension
  • Go to the giveaway page. For comfortable work from a smartphone, copy the link to our website and paste it into the browser of your wallet. (Recommend adding site to favorites)
  • Airdrop page
  • Select the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) network. Click "Connect"
  • Click on the "Claim Airdrop" (or similar) button. Then click "Approve"
  • If you did everything correctly, the tokens will be credited to your wallet within a minute.
  • To get additional tokens, you can invite friends to take this distribution or try to go through it again.
  • Contract token address: 0x49Ed9CC8d54FE8Ee3F3c108aE07Ba1184cfa4229
  • Token name: Aptos
  • Token symbol: APT
  • Decimals: 18
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More information about Aptos APT token

Aptos APT token smart contract address 0x49Ed9CC8d54FE8Ee3F3c108aE07Ba1184cfa4229 , this token is issued on the binance smart chain, is not a blockchain native token, we do not recommend buying and claiming Aptos tokens before you conduct your own investigation of the project.

Quoting from the site: Aptos is a level 1 blockchain built for secure development and focused on user experience. With a unique combination of security, user experience, upgradeability and performance, the Aptos infrastructure and its Move programming language enable developers to build web applications that meet today's consumer needs in a web that can evolve in any environment. The Move programming language, designed for smart contracts, allows developers to create applications simply, securely, and quickly. Designed, tested, and validated through years of research, Move is uniquely complemented by the security, flexibility, and performance of the Aptos blockchain, making Aptos the best place to deploy Move-based applications. Our team of researchers, computer scientists and leading industry engineers have built a network that can be progressively upgraded to ensure the longevity and resilience of the Aptos blockchain and the applications built on top of it. With Aptos, you can unleash your creativity without worrying about the infrastructure. Aptos focuses on performance for the user. We created Level 1 to improve the user experience and scale it to the masses. With a parallel, batch-optimized, and modular transaction processing pipeline, as well as innovations such as Block-STM, Aptos delivers unparalleled performance for developers and convenience for end users. The Aptos blockchain is designed with a focus on user experience, from developers to end users. With a flexible, modular blockchain architecture, we push the boundaries of reliability, security, and performance, providing first-class support for both existing and new use cases. With Aptos' robust infrastructure, developers can focus on building great apps and end users can enjoy a smooth and user-friendly interface.