Free NFT and 100 BXIE Infinity Tokens

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The new gaming project BXIE Infinity is holding a pre-sale and airdrop of BXIE and NFT tokens before entering the market. By following a few simple steps, you can get a good profit in the future, if the project is successful, of course.

How to get airdrops?
  • Go to the game site through the browser of your wallet (on a computer in the browser where you have the wallet extension)
  • Game site
  • Switch to BSC network
  • Go to the "Airdrop" tab, enter your wallet address and email. Then click "send"
  • After listing, you can take the tokens to your wallet.
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More information about BXIE airdrop

BXIE Infinity is a game based on AXIE Infinity, only on the BSC smart chain network. The game itself was created to make money in cryptocurrency by playing. You can earn money by staking, farming, PVP and PVE battles. The main difference from AXIE is the basic location of the game on the smart chain, which will reduce any in-game transactions tenfold. Also, due to the high popularity of AXIE, to start you will need at least $ 500 in project tokens only, here, at the pre-sale stage, you can get tokens for free or for a small amount at the pre-sale. If successful, the project can show very high results and hundreds or thousands of Xs of profit, but this is IN NO EVENT a FINANCIAL ADVICE. We only urge you not to miss this airdrop, as it can bring huge Xs in the future. Bxie infinity BXS token smart contract - 0xf2e71b054b6b0f3c5513af505e6c072008ecfacd.