Pre-registration and Airdrop Cardanopad

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Cardanopad - the new and first IDO platform on the CARDANO blockchain conducts pre-registration and airdrop of tokens. Be one of the first users and possibly get additional encouragement from the project developers.

How to get airdrops?
  • Go to the project website at the link below and register.
  • Register
  • Confirm your email address
  • Next, go to the telegram bot using the link below. (If you do not have a telegram account yet, register it now, in the world of airdrops this is an indispensable messenger)
  • Get Airdrop
  • In the telegram bot, click on the "start" button and complete all tasks to receive the distribution.
  • In addition to the airdrop distribution, there is a high probability of receiving additional project tokens for pre-registration. To increase the chances, if possible, invite friends or you can try to abuse the referral system.
  • For pre-registration on the site, you will receive 100% allocation for the first IDO in the cardano network. Besides, the first IDOs bring hundreds of X's in profits.
  • Subscribe to our Telegram (Instant) and (Other) airdrops. And be the first to know about new airdrops.

More information about Cardano Pad

CardanoPad or AdaPad is the first platform for IDO, ICO, launchpads on the ADA CARDANO blockchain. We were looking forward to the launch of the first such site and now we are looking forward to the first project that will be distributed via a private sale on the Karanopad site.

At this stage, the platform conducts pre-registration of new users, who are guaranteed to get from the private sale list to the first launched project, you can increase your allocation by inviting 5 or more friends, as well as by joining the project's social networks. We do not give financial recommendations, you yourself will decide whether to participate or not, but WE will definitely participate in the presale.

Aside from the pre-sale, there are big hints from the developers on their social media to distribute the airdrop or other rewards for those who join the site early on. Cardanopad also conducts an airdrop through a telegram bot, which will be distributed randomly to three thousand users. Of course, this is not a lot, but the chances of getting hundreds or thousands of dollars in a couple of minutes of time cover this disadvantage.

The ADA Cardano blockchain itself is in the top 5 in terms of capitalization among all cryptocurrencies. There are opinions that in the next bull cycle, Cardano will move the top2 cryptocurrency Ethereum off the pedestal. Although blockchain has many shortcomings at the moment, the creator Charles Hoskinson inspires with his speeches and steadfastness in any interviews. Cardanopad APA token smart contract has not been released yet, do not get fooled by fraudulent smart contracts.