Chingari token airdrop

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Chingari is an Indian copy of Tik-Tok, widely popularized domestically. At the moment, Chingari is conducting an airdrop of tokens, which in the future can bring free, good money.

How to get GARI airdrop?
  • Install the Chingari application from Appstore or PlayMarket (enter "chingari" in the search)
  • After installation, register in the application via number or email (registration by number did not work for us, but everything is ok with mail)
  • Go to the telegram bot (click the "get airdrop" button)
  • Get Airdrop
  • Next, go through all the described tasks in the telegram bot
  • At a certain step, the bot asks you to specify your username from the application with @. You can take it in the profile settings under the name - this will be the beginning of the nickname + a number of numbers.
  • Top 100 referrers will receive an additional 100 GARI tokens, this is not so much and it is easier to abuse this distribution using third-party devices.
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More information about Chingari (GARI) airdrop

Chingari is an interesting distribution and the introduction of cryptocurrency on a social network seems tempting. The first 100 tokens immediately come to the account in the application, the withdrawal is unfortunately only available from 1000 tokens, but perhaps the distribution itself will send from 100. Whether to pass or not - decide for yourself. Gari token smart contract has not been released yet, do not get fooled by fraudulent smart contracts.