Free Flag Network 10,000 FLAG Airdrop

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Flag Network is a new Binance Smart Chain project that is giving away and distributing 10,000 FLAG tokens. The airdrop has currently closed the possibility of withdrawal, but they promise to open it after the end of the airdrop. 10,000 airdrop tokens are trading at ~$137, currently locked for sale until March 2022.

How to get airdrop?
  • Go to the project site:
  • Get Airdrop
  • Connect your wallet to the site (recommendation: do not use the main wallet, create another one)
  • There are tasks on the site. Subscribe to 2 Telegram, Twitter + post retweet with 3 friends' tags and hash tags #IDO #Airdrop #Whitelist #NFT #P2P
  • Click on the button below and fill in the Telegram and Twitter usernames with @
  • You can receive the airdrop tokens in March 2022.
  • Invite your friends and get even more tokens. Affiliate program for 3 levels.
  • Subscribe to our Telegram (Instant) and (Other) airdrops. And be the first to know about new airdrops.

More information about FLAG Network airdrop

Flag Network is a decentralized blockchain network that is well compatible with NFT, GameFi, Web3 and even other projects in the blockchain industry. FLAG Network is an open source project created and developed by teams of decentralized employees here, there, and everywhere. FLAG token smart contract 0xa5496935A247fA81B1462E553ad139d2FD0af795.

The distribution of the airdrop from the flag network has been thoroughly checked and no fraudulent factors have been noticed. However, like any other new project, the Flag Network can instantly get rid of, so if you don't want to risk a few cents for a transaction, don't go through this distribution. We also recommend that you disconnect your wallet from the site after interacting with it, or create a new wallet. We in no way recommend trading, using pharming, staking or other services of the site, as it is still new, unverified and you may lose your funds.