Harmony launcher $HARL token Airdrop

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To main

New giveaway from Harmony launcher, total fund of 1.2 million $HARL tokens. The site may freeze due to a large influx of people, but we recommend passing this giveaway, since this is the first IDO / IGO site on the Harmony network, such projects bring huge profits.

How to get airdrop?
  • Let's go to the link below:
  • Get Airdrop
  • Scroll a little lower and indicate the E-mail and ETH (BSC) address from Metamask
  • Click Submit and enter the code of 6 digits that will come to the mail and click VERIFY
  • After that, we complete tasks in social networks. (subscriptions-retweets, usernames are indicated with @) Important! Do the tasks in order! If it does not accept answers, wait a bit or reload the page (there are freezes, a large influx of people, be patient)
  • Done, waiting for news from the project!
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More information about Harmony Launcher airdrop

The world's first incubator IDO + IGO and LaunchPad which is built on the harmony blockchain. The safe and easy way to launch your projects on the Harmony Network.

Harmony Launcher is the world's first decentralized launch pad and IDO + IGO incubator with an integrated AMM DEX, the main task of which is to provide all the necessary foundations for startups and projects based on the harmony network to create, raise funds and successfully launch.

Awards: 1.2 million $HARL Airdrop (guaranteed $HARL tokens for all participants). 100 Series A NFT Airdrop (Awarded to the top 100 referrals from the leaderboard). Whitelisting (the best referrers will be eligible to participate in the upcoming IDO $HARL).

The address of the smart contract of the token is unknown, as it has not been released yet! We are waiting for updates.