Free 100.000 HBIT Airdrop

New requirements for the purchase of tokens have been set, we do not recommend participating. Сheck out our other airdrops:

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The new HASHBIT blockchain is carrying out an airdrop for 10,000 participants. Each will receive 100,000 HBIT tokens.

How to get airdrop?
  • Go to blockchain using the link below
  • Go blockchain
  • Under the "Connect" button, click on the blue link "Create it here"
  • You will see the "YOUR NEW PASSPHRASE" window, click on the eye icon in this window and copy the key (this is the private key to access your new wallet)
  • Next, in the upper right corner, click on "Sign in". Enter your private phrase into the window, then select the Node (in the second window), preferably U.K. and click "connect"
  • In the section "my wallet" you will see the QR code and the address of your wallet (for example HBIT-B2ZX-PP68-44T5-DJBRL) copy it and go to the airdrop page below.
  • Get Airdrop
  • Go down below and you will see "Step 1: Your HBIT Wallet Address:" enter your wallet address in this field.
  • Next you will see (Step 2: Complete Task) and (Step 3: Share AirDrop on Socials) complete these tasks as desired
  • Then go down below and click the "Submit Airdrop Request"
  • Next, you need to get some HBIT tokens on the faucet, go to the faucet using the link below
  • Go Faucet
  • Click on the "ROLL" button and get some tokens. If the button didn't work, please refresh the page and try again / later
  • Then go to "my wallet", you can follow the link below
  • My Wallet
  • In the left, upper corner (or in another place depending on the device) click the "Send" button
  • In the "Recipient" window, enter the address of any wallet other than your own, you can enter this one - HBIT-B2ZX-PP68-44T5-DJBRL
  • In the "Amount" window, enter the number 0.0005 and click "Send HBIT"
  • By these actions, you verify your wallet. This condition is not written in the airdrop section and many do not know this, therefore this information is complete and exclusive, your chances of receiving tokens will be very high.
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More information about HBIT Blockchain airdrop

The cool new blockchain will provide an airdrop of 100,000 of its own HBIT coins for a randomly selected 10,000 participants, currently there are only 17,000 participants and the chances of getting it will be high. Due to the fact that our guide has full instructions and the necessary chips for verifying the wallet, which many do not know about, you further increase your chances of receiving tokens.

HBIT Blockchain is a decentralized platform that allows users to interact with it simply by using a browser from any device where they have it. You can send and receive HBIT, create and market your assets in DEX, send and receive visible or encrypted messages, and more. HashBit BlockChain HBIT token smart contract address - 0x142749AdB4176ee465592BBAadD5bd71f58017f1.