MINEBASE $MBASE token Airdrop

You need at least 30 coins to continue farming. Only for old users.

To main

We collect MBASE coins from the MINEBASE wallet.

How to get airdrop?
  • Go to the website MBase below:
  • Get Airdrop
  • Enter: Name; Surname; Mail; repeat mail; Phone number; Country; Password; Password repeat.
  • Click on the button and confirm the registration by e-mail
  • Go to the menu and open the "wallet" section. Next, you need to generate an MBASE wallet and ETH by clicking on the "generate address" button
  • Open the menu and go to the "CTP" section. At the top, select the "period of time" section
  • In the "period of time" section, a code will be given every 24-25 hours. It must be inserted into the field below and click the "submit" button. If you registered today, the code will appear in 24-25 hours.
  • 1 MBASE is given for entering the code
  • There is information that the withdrawal appears when there are 3 coins on the balance. But many write that after 25 coins you can withdraw.
  • To withdraw, you need to spend about 25 days and get $ 20 for it, not everyone will like it, but you just need to register and click every day.
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More information about MINEBASE $MBASE airdrop

Minebase is a token created through fees. There are 250 million Minebase tokens in total. Everyone who sends a coin on the crypto network must pay a transaction fee. These existing fees are used to create a Minebase token. 45 million of these tokens were given away to users through a rewards program. All other Minebase tokens are created only through fees... No one has to contribute anything. We call this process CTP Creative Token production. The initial price of the CTP token is $6.50. Thus, a fee of $6.50 is required to create a token.

The smart contract address of the token is 0xbA3E5F8b4200a5eb856FF2C3E001aB29444491AA, the token is issued on the Ethereum network and is traded within one US dollar.