Free Mogwar 600 MONX Airdrop

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To celebrate the January 2022 IDO event, MogWar is hosting a MASSIVE AVIATION CAMPAIGN with a prize pool of $ 6,500,000 MONX tokens.

How to get airdrop?
  • Go to the gleam form below:
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  • log in through one of the social networks (twitter, facebook, google, email)
  • Follow all the steps and invite your friends to get the best chances of getting an airdrop.
  • The tasks themselves are simple and will only require you to subscribe / repost on social networks
  • Do not leave the social network of the project, otherwise you will lose the chance of getting a very large profit.
  • Subscribe to our Telegram (Instant) and (Other) airdrops. And be the first to know about new airdrops.

More information about Mogwar MONX airdrop

Prize fund Total supply of airdrop tokens: 6,500,000 (6.5 Million) MONX Tokens $ ~ $ 39,000 at a price IDO IDO Price: $ 1 MONX = $ 0.006 Distribution: 1 month after IDO πŸ’Ž The top 200 users with the most logins will win 500,000 tokens. Top 1-10: $ 10,000 MONX / each Top 11-50: $ 5,000 MONX / each Top 51-100: $ 2,000 MONX / each Top 101-200: 1000 $ MONX. /each πŸ’Ž 10,000 random winners will win 6,000,000 $ MONX tokens. (600 $ MONX / each). (The more entries you have, the higher your chances of winning.)

HOW TO JOIN? πŸ‘‰ Follow our channels (+ 1 / each channel) πŸ‘‰ Retweet, tag three friends and hashtag #MonsterOfGod #MOG #Mogwar #Airdrops (+1) πŸ‘‰ Retweet every day (+ 2 / retweet) πŸ‘‰ Comment on Telegram every day (+2 / every comment) πŸ‘‰ Invite friends for additional entries (+ 5 / link)

NEWSLINE ⏰ 14:00 UTC December 31, 2021 - 14:00 UTC February 1, 2022

Monster Of God is a blockchain based game that allows players to improve, trade and multiply to create new monsters. Developed by a team of experts, Monster Of God offers a product with stunning graphics, top-notch gameplay, and economic benefits for cryptocurrency players and investors. In particular, the ultimate goals of the game are the metaverse and 3D graphics.

Official smart contract of the token - 0xbcDE162a6f7a45Fbb6913b296E325fe1267A1E9F. Gaming projects were the trend in 2021 and we are confident that these projects will continue to develop, especially in 2022. The distribution itself is designed for more than 10,000 people and these are excellent chances of getting a profit.

The gleam form itself is safe and will not use your data in any way, all airdrops on it are checked and bring good profit if it is included in the list of winners.