OJA token airdrop

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OJA is a new cryptocurrency wallet that dispenses tokens in the amount of 50 coins per registration.

How to get OJA airdrop?
  • Go to the distribution site using the link below
  • Get Airdrop
  • Go through a simple registration. (IMPORTANT - use gmail mail - otherwise there may be problems with receiving coins)
  • After registration, you will receive 50 OJA tokens within an hour to your account.
  • The withdrawal of tokens is not yet available, the developers promise to open the withdrawal after the presale.
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More information about OJA wallet airdrop

OJA is a new wallet for storing cryptocurrency assets. At the moment, the project is conducting airdrop and presale of its tokens. We did not find a lot of information about the wallet, there is a risk that it will not be possible to withdraw tokens and the project will close, however, for a simple registration you can get hundreds or thousands of dollars in profit in the future. Used by the wallet to store tokens. We do not recommend participating in the press sale, but it is worth going through an airdrop of 50 OJA tokens without a commission. OJA token smart contract has not been released yet, do not get fooled by fraudulent smart contracts.