OKX - Get discounts fees on registration

OKX is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. The company recently changed its name and rebranded OKX (formerly OKEx), one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. It features more than 485 instruments, as well as about 30 fiat currencies. Register in the application and get bonuses up to $10,000.

How to register on the Okex exchange?
  • Follow the link below and register. Enter your real data.
  • Registration
  • Pass intermediate verification (optional)
  • After you register and log into the OKX app, you will receive a mystery prize within 30 days. (In order to get a bonus, install the okex app.)
  • If you deposit more than $50 within 30 days of signing up, either by purchasing cryptocurrency or by funding your balance, you will receive another mystery prize.
  • All mystery prizes come with up to $10,000 worth of crypto rewards. BTC, ETH, OKB, DOGE, FIL, SHIB, DOT and discount cards can act as a reward.
  • There is no limit to the number of mystery prizes you can receive. Invite your friends and get even more prizes. Tell everyone about it!
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More information about OKEX OKX cryptocurrency exchange

Cryptocurrency exchange OKX opened in Hong Kong in 2014 under the name OKEx. It is included in the same group as one of the oldest platforms on the OkCoin market. In 2018, the platform officially moved to Malta.

More than 485 trading instruments are presented on OKX for market players, as well as about 30 fiat currencies. At the same time, the platform offers trading not only in cryptocurrencies, but also in futures for bitcoin, ether, litecoin, XRP and some other virtual assets.

In January 2022, OKEx officially announced its name change to OKX and rebranding of the company. As a result of the rebranding, the design of the crypto exchange has changed, and plans for the future development of the brand have been revised.

The exchange has its own native OKB token. OKB is a cryptocurrency issued by the OK Blockchain Foundation and the Maltese crypto exchange OKEx. The exchange is one of the largest in the world and currently ranks third in terms of liquidity, fourth in terms of trading volume and provides a wide range of trading pairs.

OKEx is similar to the leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance in many ways, but there are a few key differences. The OKEx platform boasts its own cloud mining service, and the company itself is more focused on providing options trading services to users. At the same time, Binance aims to offer a wide range of crypto services around the world.