PEACE SHIBA token Airdrop

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PEACE SHIBA (PSHIBA) is a new token on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) blockchain. The project carries out an airdrop of tokens using the instant claim system. To receive a token to a wallet, you will need to pay a blockchain commission per transaction, this is done to protect against bots.

How to claim 3,000 PSHIBA instant airdrop?
  • Open TrustWallet, then DApps. Or Metamask browser/extension
  • Go to the giveaway page. For comfortable work from a smartphone, copy the link to our website and paste it into the browser of your wallet. (Recommend adding site to favorites)
  • Airdrop page
  • Select the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) network. Click "Connect"
  • Click on the "Claim Airdrop" (or similar) button. Then click "Approve"
  • If you did everything correctly, the tokens will be credited to your wallet within a minute.
  • To get additional tokens, you can invite friends to take this distribution or try to go through it again.
  • Contract token address: 0x552E8fe9591Ee53462f258FBC06A55A56C04fa36
  • Token name: PEACE SHIBA
  • Token symbol: PSHIBA
  • Decimals: 18
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More information about PEACE SHIBA $PSHIBA token

The first and only Peace in the history of cryptocurrency. We believe that innovation is seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought. Peace Shiba is the change we need. A new perception about crypto in this digital era, we created the most powerful name for our brand, the leader of meme tokens SHIBA mixed United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres : The work of building and maintaining peace needs to be carried out not only after the outbreak of conflict, but also long before the outbreak of conflict, in the form of preventing conflict and eliminating the root causes.

The Peace Shiba token smart contract address is $PSHIBA 0x552E8fe9591Ee53462f258FBC06A55A56C04fa36, and the total supply is two billion PSHIBA coins. The token is currently not traded, it is at the stage of pre-sale and instant airdrop distribution. The token is still another meme and has increased risks.