Registration on the Qmall exchange

Qmall is an officially registered cryptocurrency exchange in Ukraine with a set of services and technical solutions for the cryptocurrencies trading. The activity is regulated by the National Bank of Ukraine and the Ministry of Digital Transformation, which holds a license and accreditation for activities in the countries of the European Union.

How to register on the Qmall exchange?
  • Follow the link below and register. Enter your real data.
  • Registration
  • Pass intermediate verification (optional)
  • After registration, trading, input and output of cryptocurrency will be available.
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More information about QMALL cryptocurrency exchange

QMALL token is a service token of the Qmall exchange, the main use of which is to use it to pay a commission when using the services of the exchange, including a trading commission, as well as to obtain additional privileges. The overall goal of creating a QMALL token that goes beyond a certain set of innovations is to provide a more balanced and resilient ecosystem that takes into account the needs of its users. Having studied the market, we conclude that the main leaders in the market of cryptocurrency assets are representatives of East Asian countries and form their activities through the exchange.

The Ukrainian cryptocurrency exchange QMALL received a license and accreditation to carry out activities in the EU countries, Bogdan Prilepa, CEO of the project, said.

The company became regulated in the Eurozone: under the name UAB QMALL, it was officially registered as a virtual currency exchange operator and a depositary wallet operator. By obtaining a license to operate in the EU, QMALL will see a significant increase in the number of registrations. Today, the platform is already used by over 100,000 traders from Ukraine, and with new features, QMALL plans to attract users from all over the world.

Registration in the EU opened a window for QMALL into a world of new opportunities. A significant advantage that QMALL users get is that they can now trade cryptocurrencies in pairs with the euro, creating new trading strategies and increasing their profits accordingly.

QMALL is a project of well-known Ukrainian entrepreneurs Mykola Udyansky and Bogdan Prilepa, launched in 2021. Today, QMALL is the first state-regulated cryptocurrency exchange in Ukraine. Despite the fact that QMALL has been operating on the market for less than a year, it has already gained serious weight and wide popularity in the crypto environment. This happened thanks to the policy of zero commissions for deposits in the national currency, and the availability of simple and convenient payment instruments with which you can deposit and withdraw fiat and crypto from the platform.

QMALL has also established itself as one of the safest venues. Since the exchange was created recently, all the bugs and errors of early exchanges were taken into account during its development. The QMALL security system is built from the ground up on the most up-to-date coding and cryptography standards. The exchange offers many advanced features to ensure the safety of users' assets.

Mykola Udyansky and Bogdan Prilepa have big plans for QMALL. In particular, it will be the first crypto exchange with its own metaverse on board. Now that the company has received a license to do business in Europe, the possibilities of QMALL are truly limitless.

The second global news from QMALL: in collaboration with the French analogue of Silicon Valley Sophia Antipolis, the exchange is developing Europe's largest launchpad for crypto projects. Today, launchpads are a mega-popular topic, which is not surprising, since by investing in digital assets in the early stages, launchpad participants get the highest return. Sometimes we are talking about thousands of percent of the profits.