REPLAY $RPLAY token Airdrop

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Replay, a new project in the THETA ecosystem, is airdropping its own RPLAY tokens. Get 100 $RPLAY tokens for watching the first video.

How to get airdrop?
  • To get started, register on the website below:
  • Register
  • Register (enter e-mail, go through the captcha and follow the link received on the e-mail (the letter came to the folder of the social network))
  • Click on "Sync Account", this is the first banner on the site and you will be redirected to watch the video, we also create an account on it with the same e-mail.
  • Turn on any video or broadcast and watch at least 30 minutes (better hour). You can just turn on the video, turn off the sound and go for a beer ;)
  • After viewing, we return to the first site and check our rewards (sometimes you need to wait)
  • To earn additional rewards, you can watch any video for as long as you like, for every 10 minutes of watching, 1 RPLAY token is awarded.
  • You can also invite friends and each of you will receive 100 tokens after watching the video for more than 30 minutes.
  • The token itself is not traded yet, we are waiting for the withdrawal and start of trading, but for now we are accumulating volumes!
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More information about REPLAY $RPLAY airdrop

Replay - The blockchain-based Replay tracking and payment protocol enables seamless distribution of content for content owners, rewarding and entertaining consumers.

It’s not yet clear whether this token will cost something or not, reminds RNO earlier there was a topic like that, you could also watch videos and earn tokens and then upload your video there for 100-200 bucks in a couple of months you could raise. We recommend that you collect at least 100 tokens.