Free RND Rand Airdrop

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Get early access to the Rand app and your share of $50,000 in $RND tokens. The first 10,000 people will get access and $50 in RND tokens.

How to get airdrop?
  • Follow the link below:
  • Get Airdrop
  • Go down below, enter your name and your email. Next, click "Join the whitelist". Then follow the link in the message received by e-mail to confirm your account.
  • After clicking on the link, you have successfully registered in the applications for beta testing. On the page you found, go with the email, you will see the task on twitter. Follow/Twitter in response form: yes.
  • That's all, you got the opportunity to test and 50 $ in RND tokens.
  • It will be possible to receive tokens after their release, the developers write that a message with details will come in February 2022. Follow up by mail.
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More information about Rand App airdrop

What do the project developers write? The Rand app is launching soon and we're giving away $50,000 in $RND to a limited number of BETA testers! UpViral giveaways and rewards are the fastest way to grow your online business.

The Rand platform is an interesting project, for the first 10,000 participants there is an opportunity to both receive tokens and earn money by testing the platform. Be among the first! The smart contract address of the Rand RND token is not yet known, as it has not been generated.

Regarding your $50 worth of $RND tokens, we will send you an email on February 1, 2022 with a link to our investor portal, where you will automatically see the tokens waiting for you, as well as instructions for transferring to your crypto wallet! That's exactly what is stated in the post.

You can get a referral link from your generated tweet on twitter. Whether there will be rewards for referrals, we do not know.