Seashell free whitelist & $10

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The new SeaShell project is running a promotion where you can get $10 for completing simple tasks and joining the Waitlist. If the reward is in their tokens, you will get much more, since this project has the coolest investors, see more information after the guide.

How to get into the whitelist & $10?
  • Follow the link below:
  • Whitelist
  • Enter your email, click "Join the whitelist" and get into the waiting list.
  • Then, if desired, we will complete the tasks (this will give more chances of getting $ 10), retweet the post, join twitter, instagram, linkedin and medium.
  • You can also increase your chances by inviting friends.
  • Funds will be available on your account after verification, the opportunity to pass verification will appear after your turn comes up (most likely they will ask you to confirm your email)
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More information about SeaShell Whitelist

SeaShell is a new type of investment fund, your investment will be used to purchase assets in a diversified portfolio that will consist of reliable long-term assets such as gold and dollar-pegged digital assets that attract borrowers willing to pay higher interest rates. As a result, SeaShell promises about 10% per annum.

The project has very cool investors and partners, such as CEO Robinhood, Mark Cuban, Coinbase Ventures, Elad Gil and others.

Now the project is a promotion, for completing simple tasks you can get $ 10.

By participating in the whitelist, you do not lose anything, but you can be well rewarded, it is foolish not to try to participate in the project with such investors.