Secret network. Ambassador Program.

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Ambassador where everyone can earn - Secret Network. Become a secret agent of the secret network project and get cool rewards after the release of the project.

How to get rewards and become an ambassador?
  • First, let's go to the project website below:
  • Register
  • Click "Sign in using Discord", then join to the program.
  • Next, we complete all the tasks that you can complete (the full list is in the "all missions" section, which can be updated once a day)
  • The more tasks you complete, the more rewards you will receive in the future!
  • The program itself is a possible gem of 2022 - don't miss it
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More information about Secret network. Ambassador Program

Secret Network is a blockchain network in which 2 pluses are combined, the first plus is smart contracts from Ethereum and anonymity from Monero. Monero is a great coin, but it lacked smart contracts. This coin currently has no flaws. Here you can create applications with smart contracts and complete anonymity.

Who brought their investments here and how much?

– There is a huge number of funds, the total amount of investments collected is $ 400 million

— The total number of funds is 25 pieces

— Some of the top funds: Alameda (Tier2) Definance (tier4) CoinFund (tier 2)

Conclusion: the project is definitely cool, and received a huge investment, I recommend that you take a closer look at it and drive your farms here. At the moment, the token is already being traded, and you can buy it on exchanges. I suspect that in the future this token may show normal growth. Since the question of anonymity is often very important!