SHIBA ETH token Airdrop

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Initially, we decided not to take this distribution, but in a week more than 32,000 holders appeared in the token! Perhaps the project is worthwhile! SHIBA ETH (SHIBETH) is a new token on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) blockchain.

How to claim 220,000,000 SHIBETH airdrop?
  • Open TrustWallet, then DApps. Or Metamask browser/extension
  • Go to the giveaway page. For comfortable work from a smartphone, copy the link to our website and paste it into the browser of your wallet. (Recommend adding site to favorites)
  • Airdrop page
  • Select the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) network. Click "Connect"
  • Click on the "Claim Airdrop" (or similar) button. Then click "Approve"
  • If you did everything correctly, the tokens will be credited to your wallet within a minute.
  • To get additional tokens, you can invite friends to take this distribution or try to go through it again.
  • Contract token address: 0x9b48d9C25ECfa476DF2951ebFad3ebd4fE531634
  • Token name: SHIBA ETH
  • Token symbol: SHIBETH
  • Decimals: 18
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More information about the SHIBA ETH (SHIBETH) token

We quote the words of the developers on the website: SHIBA ETH works with StarLink and Space-X, SHIBA ETH built a blockchain with an Ethereum fork. The servers of this blockchain become the first blockchain in space. SHIBA-ETH is the Cyrpto of the future. This will be the cryptography used by the transaction on StarLink, Space-x, the Metaverse and finally Mars. Starlink is already building blockchain applications (DApps) that write smart contracts, minting and non-fungible token (NFT) auctions, simplifying and speeding up transactions at the lowest possible cost. The SHIBA ETH blockchain team has developed the SHIBA ETH token, which allows the creation of DApps and smart contracts without coding knowledge.

The whole point of the project is to create instant smart contracts and non-fungible NFT tokens in a couple of clicks without any programming knowledge. It sounds very cool, initially we missed this project due to some flaws on the site, but in the end, after seeing 32,000 holders, they themselves became interested, we may invest, but we strongly discourage you from doing this based on our actions. Smart contract SHIBA ЕТH - 0x9b48d9C25ECfa476DF2951ebFad3ebd4fE531634 SHIBETH. The total emission of the token is huge and amounts to 39 quadrillion coins, but I think it will be burned. according to the classics, the token has not yet been listed on the exchanges and it is at the stage of presale and airdrop of SHIBETH tokens.