Slingshot NFTs token Airdrop

Airdrop is complete, check out our other airdrops:

To main

Get tokens and NFT from the Slingshot project & Participate in the whitelist and get the opportunity to share one of the cool nft boxes worth up to $2500 per NFT.

How to get airdrop?
  • Go to website below:
  • Get Airdrop
  • We indicate our e-mail, then we wait 5-10 minutes and you will receive a confirmation for it (follow the link and verify the mail)
  • We connect the wallet (I recommend creating a separate wallet for such distributions)
  • If possible, invite friends.
  • For a different number of invites, they give different boxes, from which a maximum of $ 2500 can fall out, 20 refs is the limit.
  • Subscribe to our Telegram (Instant) and (Other) airdrops. And be the first to know about new airdrops.

More information about Slingshot NFT airdrop

Slingshot Finance is a trading platform that allows you to trade the best price tokens.

Now you can buy WL on the site, which has a chance to participate in the drawing of NFT-mystery boxes worth from $100 to $2500.

Join the waiting list and invite your friends to earn up to $2,500 in NFT rewards and a chance to win 1 BTC!

The address of the smart contract of the Slingshot Finance NFT token and collection is currently unknown. The token has not yet been issued, is not traded, is at the whitelist stage.