Somnilife $SO token Airdrop

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Somnilife is a Web3-based social network and HD metaverse. $SO is the native token of the SomniLife ecosystem. Connect to SomniLife now and get $SO tokens. Don't miss this giveaway, maybe new mana or sandbox!!!

How to get airdrop?
  • Go to the website below:
  • Get Airdrop
  • Connect your metamask wallet to the site.
  • Select one cell on the map (preferably a small one) and click Bi a resident.
  • The site, when moving on pages and various actions, may require a signature, this is not dangerous, calmly sign.
  • Go to the profile tab. Connect twitter and discord to the site (this is optional, but may increase rewards)
  • Go to the AVATAR tab in your profile and select an avatar and a T-shirt, then click save and do a trial run of the metaverse (click enter metaverse) - this is also not necessary, but it will increase your reward!
  • Also, using the link below, you can claim additional rewards for one of the three networks to choose from (bnb, matic, ether)
  • Get SO tokens
  • Go down to step 6 "Claim your rewards here" , if necessary, reconnect the wallet and click claim rewards. (rewards may not be available if you used new wallets or social networks)
  • The rest of the coins will come after the pre-sale of the lands
  • These coins may be worth $10-100 in the future, if the metaverse breaks into up trend, don't miss the airdrop!
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More information about Somnilife SO airdrop

SomniLife is a decentralized high-definition Metaverse for you to explore, live, socialize, create, and build your economy.

SomniLife is also a web3 based social network aiming to bridge your web2 social media accounts (such as Twitter, Discord, etc.) and your web3 data on blockchain. SomniLife supports multi-chains such as ETH, Polygon, BSC, and others.

The world of SomniLife is made up of Land units, and each Land is a space where the owner can build up various scenes such as galleries, malls, bars, concerts, offices and residential areas.

What is more, the land owners can make it prosper by inviting users to reside on it, establishing policies, organizing various events, and even issuing taxes or giving rewards on resident's economic activities.

Previously, the address of the smart contract Somnilife $SO token is 0x45Dd18c5E0Fa701ABff449f6542aA53e258710B4. The total supply is 217,854,522 SO coins. The token is not traded at the moment, it is at the stage of testing and distribution of airdrops.