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Space ID is a domain service based on the BNB chain. Partners: BNBchain, Galxe, StepN, Trust Wallet, Mathwallet, ApeSwap, TofuNFT and many others. The lead investor is Binance Labs, but the amount has not been disclosed. Projects like this on Ethereum have given away thousands of dollars worth of retrodrops to early adopters, if you want to take the risk, let's go.

What do we have to do?
  • Go to the website below:
  • Website
  • In the search, enter the desired domain name and buy the domain by paying a fee of ~0.02 BNB, the first transaction is an approval, the second purchase.
  • Set your domain as the main one, for this go to the profile, click "Set your primary name" and select your name and sign the transaction.
  • We go to the project guild at the link below, connect the wallet, then the discord, join the discord, go to the #iget-roles tab and take the role.
  • Guild
  • You can also pick up NFT, which will provide additional opportunities for retrodrop or airdrop, for this we go to galxe, connect the wallet and social networks, complete tasks and pick up NFT.
  • Galxe
  • In Q4 2023, SID DAO Launch is planned, so the platform will have a token, which means there will be retrodrops.
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More information about SPACE ID

SPACE ID is a universal naming service network that connects people, assets, and decentralized applications across different blockchain networks.

SPACE ID creates decentralized, censorship resistant and open source universal identifiers. The Name Service Network allows users to use one human-readable domain name to represent their identity across all individual DApps and blockchains. Each domain service is built around the following properties:

A generic username with the ability to interact with multiple chains.

Decentralized identification in the system of a single source of reliable information (SSOT).

Dedicated oracle chain for increased scalability and availability.