StepApp $FAT token Airdrop

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Another popular early stage M2E project is the STEP APP. The official start is scheduled in 6 days, now only registration, wallet connection and inviting friends are available from the functions (for this we get points, which are later converted into tokens)

How to get airdrop?
  • Go to the website below:
  • Get Airdrop
  • Enter your e-mail and click (don), enter 6 digits received by e-mail (may come in the promotion folder)
  • On the page, click Add wallet, then enter your 0x... wallet and click save.
  • In the add referral section, you can take your link and invite friends!
  • Within a few days you will receive tokens, after the listing they promise to open the withdrawal and trading for these coins.
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More information about StepApp $FITFI airdrop

Step App is the first app on the protocol, built by the core team.

The NFT economy has ushered a variety of altcoin sector bull runs. The most prominent of these have been the dominance of GameFi and metaverse products for much of 2021. The greatest performing assets of last year fit into these sectors.

FitFi is at the cross-section of making the physical and the digital; it's a culmination of a very physical experience (fitness) within the metaverse, through the use of NFTs and geo-location technology. Augmented reality for better immersion is an added feature of Step's FitFi metaverse.

The address of the smart contract StepApp $FITFI token is 0x714f020c54cc9d104b6f4f6998c63ce2a31d1888, the token is already traded.