Free Torum airdrops

The airdrop is still active, but the price of the token has dropped hundreds of times (this is normal for a bear), and the rewards have been cut, the social network itself is working and there are many users, we recommend registering at an early stage

To main

Torum is the revolutionary Metaverse social finance ecosystem that is designed to connect all users to the cryptocurrency boom. At the moment, Torum already has more than 150 thousand members in the community. At the moment, one coin is trading at around $ 2, but this is far from the limit!

How to get 9.5 XTM airdrop?
  • Please register using the link below.
  • Register
  • After registration, go to the settings section (in the upper right corner, click on your account icon)
  • In the settings, we confirm the mail and phone! (This is required) CONFIRMATION OF THE PHONE IN TORUM VIA WHATSAPP MESSENGER.
  • For confirmation you will receive 2 Torum coins
  • To receive another 7.5 tokens, after registration, you need to complete tasks and get 100% energy. They are available in the "Missions" tab
  • Just go daily for a couple of minutes and complete missions, it will not take much time, and in the future, project tokens can be very, very expensive.
  • After receiving 100 energy, you will be credited with 7.5 tokens and you can continue to perform the same tasks, but for TORUM tokens.
  • The minimum withdrawal of tokens is from 500 coins. Yes, that's a lot, but the team plans to reduce this withdrawal threshold in the future.
  • Those who know how to abuse correctly can also try to collect tokens much faster.
  • Subscribe to our Telegram (Instant) and (Other) airdrops. And be the first to know about new airdrops.

More information about Torum XTM Airdrop

Torum is a new metaverse, social and financial network for communication and attracting users to the cryptocurrency movement. If you love cryptocurrency, you might like the metaverse itself and use it for your own personal use. The airdrop itself is as long-lasting as possible, but you can get in the future not $ 10-20 for these tokens, but tens of thousands of free US dollars for simply using the Torum network to communicate and receive cryptocurrency information. The choice is yours! Torum XTM token smart contract address ERC20 & BEP20 & HECO: 0xcd1faff6e578fa5cac469d2418c95671ba1a62fe. Polygon: 0xe1c42be9699ff4e11674819c1885d43bd92e9d15.