Free 20 TG tokens Airdrop

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TromoGram is a new social network associated with the cryptocurrency movement. Receive an airdrop in the amount of 20 TG tokens, and you can also earn tokens within the social network yourself.

How to get airdrop?
  • To get started, you need to register an account on TromoGram
  • Register
  • Next, go to the bot Telegram and complete tasks in social networks. (Important, use the same mail and wallet as on the site)
  • TG Bot
  • The airdrop will be distributed in January 2022 to 20,000 members.
  • Also, you can complete tasks on the social network and get additional rewards for likes / comments and blogging. To withdraw, you need to collect only $ 20
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More information about TromoGram airdrop

TromoGram is a new, cryptocurrency, social network very similar to Torum, at the very beginning of the airdrop, the torum could be obtained for a month of token activity in the amount of $ 1500-3000 by showing activity, now payments are cut. This is a new chance to get good money for what you do every day: communication, posting, blogging, likes, comments.

Will this project be successful? This cannot be predicted, in the world of airdrops this is a new top opportunity, but not a 100% result, we participate and collect free points for likes and posts. We recommend that you do this too. Tromogram TG token smart contract address: 0xe58442ebd88bfa9d45c38d2eabd232bfbe35182f.