Fast Dollars token Airdrop

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Crypto exchange Yobit is holding another airdrop of tokens, this time they are distributing the Fast Dollars token. In the past, such distributions on the Yobit exchange brought thousands & tens of thousands of dollars of profit to those who actively participated in them, we do not advise you to miss it. You can receive a reward daily!

How to get airdrop?
  • First you need to create an account on the exchange using the link below (register to receive 300 Fast Dollars):
  • Register
  • On the right, at the top, click on "Register and Get 4700 Fast Dollars". Create a username, password, enter your e-mail, agree with RULES by checking the box, go through the captcha and click Register.
  • You will receive an email, please confirm it.
  • Next, go to the airdrop page, it will be in the menu, or just follow the link above again (point 1)
  • Next, we complete the tasks, almost everything can be done daily! It is not necessary to complete everything, you can only perform simple ones without deposits.
  • To complete the task, click on the orange Make button. Read and follow the terms, then click "Check and get my X Fast Dollars!"
  • For registration you will receive a one-time payment of 300 tokens.
  • Tasks: tweet on twitter / video on youtube / video on tiktok / post on facebook / post on vk / to check users (100 tokens per check) - all these tasks can be completed daily, without deposit.
  • Tasks: 1 deposit / 1 trade / 1 swap in defi market / farming / 10 dices / 10 messages in chat - all these tasks can be completed daily, but a deposit to the exchange is required (optional)
  • You can also invite friends using your link and receive 100 Fast Dollars + 30% of their completed tasks for each.
  • Withdrawal and trading will be available in June 2022. The more tasks you complete, the more rewards you will receive! Similar airdrops from Yobit brought thousands of dollars in the past at least, don't miss it.
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More information about Fast Dollars token Airdrop

The YoBit exchange previously held a lot of airdrops and people received several thousand dollars for completing simple tasks, the main thing is to do it daily or almost every day. At the moment, an airdrop of fast dollars tokens is being carried out, tasks are counted in 5-7 days, but it will be possible to withdraw tokens after the end of the airdrop (approximately in July) without restrictions. The address of the fast dollar token smart contract is still unknown.

The YoBit exchange was registered in 2014 in the Panama group of crypto enthusiasts and traders from Europe. YoBit currently offers the widest range of available trading tokens on the market with over 800 coins available with over 5000 trading pairs. Moreover, it allows users to trade anonymously without KYC and formal verification. Deposits the disappearance of growth growth in cryptocurrencies and fiat money.