ZetaChain Bounty Program Crew3

ZetaChain is a public blockchain that uniquely links with every other blockchain, making it the first of its kind in the world. With the assurance of security, you can easily and safely access all of your data and assets from a single location.

How to participate the bounty program?
  • To get started, go to the project website at the link below:
  • Bounty
  • Click Connect, do authorization through the discord, click Next and connect Metamask.
  • Next, we will complete the tasks, join the discord, join the medium and twitter, like, retweet, tweet and other tasks.
  • The more tasks you complete, the more rewards you get.
  • Don't forget to complete daily tasks!
  • Subscribe to our Telegram (Instant) and (Other) airdrops. And be the first to know about new airdrops.

More information about ZetaChain Bounty Program Crew3

ZetaChain is the world's first and only public interface that encompasses all available interfaces. It provides secure access to all assets, whether discovered or vanished, in one place.

Cryptocurrency today is closed and isolated. ZetaChain believes that cryptocurrency should be simple, accessible, and available to everyone. Like the internet, you don't need to know how it all works to use it and benefit from its use.

Applications built on ZetaChain are connected to the entire crypto ecosystem, providing you with simple, unobstructed, and secure access to all cryptocurrencies, as if they were available in one place.

With over 100 existing public appearances and the emergence of new ones, acceptability becomes one of the biggest issues in web3. We see the future of cryptocurrency in quick access to it.

ZetaChain is the only public, decentralized platform for the emergence and smart contracts that allows messages to be transmitted and transferred between all encompassing, including non-smart contract chains such as Bitcoin and Dogecoin. Smart contracts of smart contracts will not be fully satisfied as we do.