Bondex $BNDX token mining

Bondex is a Web 3.0 talent network where users own part of the ecosystem through tokenized rewards. You can mine BNDX tokens daily in the application on your phone, this project was recently noted by the official binance twitter, we advise you to participate.

What to do?
  • To start downloading the bondex application on your phone (Click Download the App and select your device), the link is below:
  • App
  • Install the application, open and Register via Email or phone. (Next, you need to check your account through the mail or phone number on which the account was registered)
  • Enter Invitation code VIQ2Z (Code is required to receive reward, mining speed)
  • Next, go to the profile (Human icon,bottom right), set the username and enter in the data (real) the more data, the more + to the speed of mining.
  • Then click on the middle icon and click "Start Earning".
  • Mining starts for 24 hours, once a day you need to restart it, the more often, the more rewards.
  • There is an opinion that mining "kills the smartphone", but since mining is cloudy, only a tiny amount of electricity is consumed on the smartphone, as well as on another background application, which you will not notice.
  • It is not yet possible to withdraw or sell rewards, since the token is not traded. Still, the mention of the project in the official binance twitter is an achievement and there is no doubt that the withdrawal function will open in the future.
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More information about Bondex cloud mining

Bondex is a Web 3.0 talent network where users own part of the ecosystem through tokenized rewards.

BNDX is a utility and governance token; and our native currency. BNDX tokens will be paid as incentives to reward our users for participating in the network, referrals, growing our community, creating content, working, empowering.

Bondex started operations in January 2021. Members of its founding team with proven experience in recruitment and blockchain, HR tech and finance are uniquely qualified to carry out the company's mission.

This mining project has long been lit up on the network, which we missed, I think it's a scam. However, the mention in the official binance twitter did its job and we installed the application and started mining, the chances that the project will be cool are high. The address of the Bondex BNDX token smart contract is still unknown.