Free 20 CLBI Colibri Airdrop

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In fact, a very strange distribution, but the coins come quickly, maybe there will be a good profit. The main goal of the free distribution of coins is the dissemination of information and the development of infrastructure; successful distributions are always liquidity and accelerate the price of a coin even before listing on exchanges.

How to get airdrop?
  • Follow the link below and register
  • Registration
  • Next, go to the "Wallet" tab and create it, do not forget to save your private phrase / key
  • Then go to the "Airdrop" tab which will transfer you to the bot's telegram.
  • In the telegram bot, press start, select a language and complete all tasks according to the instructions related to social networks.
  • Enter the address of the wallet you created and wait for the accrual of 20 coins. They can be immediately staked on the website (44%).
  • Subscribe to our Telegram (Instant) and (Other) airdrops. And be the first to know about new airdrops.

More information about Colibri CLBI airdrop

Colibri is an ecosystem of interconnected services and tools with constant support and modernization, created to decentralize financial relations without the participation of banking systems with the native coin of the same name. Among the main advantages of Colibri are: staking up to 44% per month, structural bonuses, AirDrop, blockchain games with the ability to increase your balance. Colibri CLBI token smart contract has not been released yet, do not get fooled by fraudulent smart contracts.