Heli Drops token Airdrop

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Heli Drops - Play free game, win real cash. Convert your activity into money. Tap and open mystery boxes - find cash, raffle tickets and other instant rewards!

How to get airdrop?
  • Go to the website below:
  • Get Airdrop
  • Click to create an account. Enter login; eMail; Password; Ref code UOWBAB - to receive 50 coins.
  • Next, we confirm the registration by email.
  • Coins are credited in the project, you can open boxes for them. The equivalent of 1 coin is equal to one opening of the box. For registration they give 50 coins, they can immediately open 50 boxes.
  • Then every hour on the main page, you can pick up 5 (or more after pumping lvl) coins and continue to open boxes.
  • In the boxes can fall: Dollars; Points for leveling; Tickets for participation in the draw; Coins for which you can buy boxes; Nothing.
  • You can withdraw to PayPal and Payeer. You can also withdraw in crypto, to BTC, TRON,ETH, USDT, DOGE addresses.
  • The minimum amount for withdrawal in each option is different, and not all withdrawal methods are always available (Minimum withdrawals on TRON and DOG from $ 5, available at different times, but the limit ends very quickly)
  • I managed to withdraw $5 to the throne by logging into the site early in the morning.
  • Of course, there are a lot of advertisements, but it’s not surprising that you need to take money for payments from somewhere.
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More information about HeliDrops airdrop

The withdrawal of funds was checked at the time of May 30 - they are paying. But going to withdraw $ 20 for a very long time! $5 is easy to collect, but you can withdraw only sometimes when you replenish the withdrawal pool from $5.

Helidrops io operates a free-to-play gaming platform service with user activity rewards feature. The service is not a casino or a gambling platform and does not require or accept any form of monetary deposit. Policies regarding platform management, balances and rewards are disclosed in the Terms of Service section.

The Heli Drops token contract address is unavailable, as the platform is not a crypto project, but only provides distribution in cryptocurrency!