Minima Global - Incentive program

Registration of new members is suspended. Old members will soon be required to complete KYC in order to be rewarded. See your email for instructions.

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Minima is the world's first, FULLY DECENTRALIZED blockchain, which, before launch, conducts an incentive program for testers of its nodes, this is not a one-day project, the guys have been working on projects for 4 years, read more about the project after the guide.

How to participate?
  • To get started, go to the Incentive program website:
  • Incentive program
  • We go through the registration (enter the phone number and confirm it, enter the mail, password and confirm the registration by mail)
  • After registration, the page of your personal account will open, find Mobile App Users, click on the APK to download the application (so far only available on android version 9+, if you have a lower one, many have a node on 6-8 android, try it)
  • After, install the downloaded program, run it, allow it to work in the background (the program has been tested, it is safe, the load on the battery is lower than the display for a minute)
  • After starting the program, go to the site and copy your INCENTIVE ID.
  • The ID that was copied on the site is inserted into the application. To do this, press the menu button "☰", then on the Incentive Program button, Scroll down and in the Incentive ID item, paste the ID that you copied, then press the enter button.
  • If everything is done correctly, then the program will have 3 green dots, you can periodically check that these 3 dots are there, but this is not critical, the node works in the background and does not prevent you from using your smartphone.
  • On the day, the program produces only 1 token of the Minim project, according to the same principle, the launch of the SOLANA blockchain took place. (Imagine if you had previously used a similar Solana node for a year? At the peak, you could get a profit of over $100,000)
  • There is no exact date for the completion of mining and information on the withdrawal of the coin, for now we are only collecting, the profit will not be immediately, but whoever is not too lazy and installs the node will receive an excellent profit in the future. (Many people go through this as they are too lazy to do it, but everything is very simple, just don't be afraid of viruses, the node is completely safe for your android)
  • Every day, 1 coin will be mined. + 0.1 coin every day for a referral who mines a coin. You can also get 50 coins for 5 referrals, 100 for 10, 150 for 15 and 200 for 20. (Provided that referrals will produce a coin in a period of 100 days). We ourselves launched this node on 8 devices at the same time!
  • Subscribe to our Telegram (Instant) and (Other) airdrops. And be the first to know about new airdrops.

More information about Minima Global Node - Incentive program

Minima Global is the world's first fully decentralized blockchain. Blockchain minima has been developed since 2018 by a team of enthusiasts and major experts in this field, since decentralization is the future, it will probably be the first project of its kind to take the top of the food chain in this direction.

Many in search of airdrops go through hundreds of them in pursuit of $ 3-20, but are afraid or too lazy to participate in large projects, so the minimum of people who are not too lazy will receive a reward, there is a chance that the project will be closed, but after 4 years of development and already testing the product is unlikely, everyone chooses it for himself.

In the guide, we described all such actions, you can occasionally visit this page, application or project website to check the possibility of cashing out funds.

For those who are looking for the address of the smart contract of the minima global token - firstly, the project is only being tested, and secondly, it does not work through a smart contract, but is a first-level blockchain like bitcoin, ethereum, solana and others. The token itself has not been released, there is no pre-sale, there are no airdrops of the minimum tokens. There is only loot in the rewards program.