Free MUER Multiverse Airdrop

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The first cross-platform VR metaverse on the surface of the Multiverse is setting up MEUR airdrop tokens. Many hype on the metaverse and the token may be a scam - DO NOT BUY!

How to get airdrop?
  • Go to the website using the link below:
  • Get Airdrop
  • Scroll down a bit, click "Get Airdrop" and the "Enter your ETH wallet address to participate in the airdrop" window will appear.
  • Airdrop completed, you can invite friends (up to 35).
  • The referral system is simple, you can find wallet addresses on bscscan and abuse the distribution for referrals.
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More information about Multiverse MUER airdrop

The project developers write the following: The first cross-platform VR metaverse on the Multiverse blockchain. The multiverse is the next generation of meta. We are trying to achieve the most real metaverse possible. Users using VR technology will have a more immersive experience and enjoy this virtual universe to the fullest. While Multiverse can interact with VR, it can also be used without VR, making the user threshold easier. Multiverse will be community driven and the core members of the community will be comprised of leading blockchain investors.

MUER is the governance token of Multiverse with only 6,800,000 issued. It is designed to create expensive coins to attract popularity after going online! Among them, 1,000,000 are community airdrops that are distributed to users for free. 1,500,000 pieces in presale. Presale price 1ETH = 10,000 MUER. After the end of the pre-sale, MUER will be listed on Binance, Huobi, and Coinbase. Wait for the first exchange. The circulation of MUER is small, and the price of one coin is expected at $30.

The project looks suspicious, but you can try the free airdrop. The distribution itself will end on January 25, 2022. We categorically do not recommend participating in the presale, such projects can be hyped due to metaversions and completely scam people for money. The smart contract address of the MUER Metaverse token is 0x30c138992f6916aFF28353457aC111469D6Fa64, and the total supply of the token is 6.8 million coins. The coin is not traded, it is at the presale stage.