Somnilife $SO Airdrop

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Somnilife is a Web3-based social network and HD metaverse. $SO is the native token of the SomniLife ecosystem. Connect to SomniLife now and get $SO tokens! You will need to pay a fee for Claim.

How to get airdrop?
  • Follow the link below:
  • Get Airdrop
  • Click on the connect button and connect your wallet to the site.
  • We go down below and press the button - link to twitter. We sign the message and connect with the twitter account. Accounts should not be empty, this drop depends on the activity of the account.
  • Next, click Claim Rewards on BSC. You can also claim from Ethereum, 10 times more tokens, but the commission is more expensive. You can claim from two networks at the same time.
  • Invite friends and get extra tokens.
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More information about $SO Somnilife airdrop

Somnilife is a Web3-based social network and HD metaverse. $SO are the native tokens of the SomniLife ecosystem. pretend to SomniLife right now and get $SO tokens.

The $SO Token is the digital currency of the SomniLife ecosystem. It is a fully multi-chain token with an initial release on the Ethereum market (ERC-20 token). $SO is SomniLife's metaverse-deep currency.

The token is at the stage of airdrop distribution, we did not find any information about the IDO, but in any case we do not recommend buying, there is always a chance that the project will be unsuccessful. The smart contract address of the SomniLife token is 0xe5693a1df0d23bc3ad3242c47e5b2c25a1f7d693, and the total supply is 200 million SO coins. The token did not enter the auction, it has 28 thousand holders.